US must consider military action in Venezuela: Fmr. Clinton aide

Despite the growing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, America has been hesitant to use military force to oust embattled President Nicolás Maduro from power.

President Trump said U.S. military intervention is “an option” in Venezuela as pressure mounts from Western nations for Maduro to stepdown.

“Certainly, it’s something that’s on the - it’s an option,” Trump told CBS's Margaret Brennan last month.

Doug Schoen, a former White House adviser to President Clinton, told FOX Business’ Trish Regan that the time is coming for America to use force to restore order in Venezuela.

“We need to seriously consider a military intervention,” he said on Wednesday. “Ideally a multi-national one with substantial participation by Latin American nations.”

It has been over two months since the U.S., along with some 50 nations, have recognized opposition leader Juan Guaidó as president of the Latin American country. Although they have received bipartisan support, many of the Trump's critics have strongly opposed military intervention in the region.

Power has just been restored to Venezuela after a six day blackout that left citizens without the most basic of necessities. The U.S. has led an effort to facilitate the peaceful transition of power to Guaidó with targeted sanctions to cut off the Maduro regime's access to capital.


Schoen says that may not be enough to squeeze Maduro out of power.

"This is a humanitarian crisis of the worst order. The Russians, the Cubans, the Chinese are all propping up Maduro. People are dying,” he said, adding that a peaceful transition may never be obtainable.

"We cannot let this go on. Sanctions may well not be enough."