Trump's fulfilled his promise of prosperity: Varney

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Democrats, mainstream media wants to paint a picture of economic misery: Varney

FOX Business' Stuart Varney says America has the best economic growth rate of any industrial democracy.

We're two years into the Trump presidency: So how are you doing, financially? Things getting better? Wages up? Food on the table? Got a job? Promotion? That question, how're you doing? is politically very important.

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If things are going well for you, you might be inclined to look kindly on re-electing President Trump. After all, he ran on growing the economy and bringing back prosperity. If you think he's achieving those goals, then the Trump growth agenda is working for you.


However, the Democrats and the media do not want the president re-elected, so they will paint a picture of misery. And that’s exactly what they're doing.

How many times have you heard about "food insecurity," always implying that kids are going hungry? How many surveys have you seen that say half of us, or a third of us don't have enough money to handle an emergency, or we don't have any savings or we'll suffer in retirement. I don't doubt there is financial hardship. But that’s not an accurate characterization of our country, especially not now.

This week, we've reported that 69 percent think their personal finances will improve in the next 12 months. People think their prospects are good.

We reported the record 7.3 million jobs that are now open and unfilled. There are plenty of jobs out there, and wages are rising at the best rate in a decade. Oh, and your retirement? Fifty-five million Americans with a 401(k) and 30 million with an IRA are no doubt feeling good about their huge gains from the Trump stock rally. Did I mention that America has the best economic growth rate of any industrial democracy?


We're being exploited, politically. The left and their colleagues in the media are determined to unseat Trump, so they paint a picture of hardship and economic failure.

They are wrong. When I walk down the street and see "Help Wanted" signs almost everywhere ... when I see jobs, growth, better wages, a re-surgence of manufacturing and surveys that say we're pretty optimistic about our financial future ... when I see all of that I conclude that we have indeed returned to the level of prosperity that President Trump promised.