Green New Deal: There's some good news about it, Varney says

There is some good news about the ludicrous Green New Deal. We're going to find out just who in Congress supports it. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., will call a vote.

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That means Yes or No on radical environmental socialism. Which Democrats will stand up and say Yes to that?

Who will vote for high-speed trains to replace airlines in 10 years? California just canceled its bullet train boondoggle because it was too expensive and taking too long to build.

Who will vote for thousands of square miles of wind and solar farms? That’s what it takes -- an area the size of California -- if you want to replace oil, gas and coal with renewables. You think you can get a permit for that? They couldn't build windmills off the coast of Massachusetts, the home state of Sen. Marky, the Green New Deal's co-sponsor!

Who will vote to upgrade all, repeat all, buildings in America? I want to know which politician is going to send a government inspector to my house to tell me what I have to do to meet Green New Deal standards!

And which economic genius is going to say Yes to the printing of trillions upon trillions of dollars to pay for it all?


This is going to be embarrassing for the Democrats, especially Senators Harris, Booker, Warren and Klobuchar. They are declared presidential candidates and all have co-sponsored this Green New Deal. Are they going to run for the presidency with this nonsense in their campaign platform? Have at it. We want to know.

There is a quiet winner here: Mitch McConnell. He's already remade the judiciary so it follows the Constitution.

Now he's going to force his colleagues in the Senate to stand up and be counted on the Green New Deal.

Good. Don't we all want to know just who is for radical environmental socialism, and who is not.