Trump: Democrats are destroying health care in U.S.

President Donald Trump addressed the state of the nation’s health care system Wednesday in Cincinnati, Ohio, saying Democrats are completely obstructing the GOP-led effort to fix the ailing ObamaCare marketplace.

“[We’re facing] only obstruction from the Democrats. Democrats are destroying health care in the country. We’ve had no help, we will get no votes [from them],” Trump said before the media, adding that even if Republicans presented the greatest plan “in history” Democrats would still vote against it.

The president addressed the press upon landing in Cincinnati alongside two families who claim their health care has suffered as a result of the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Trump cited stats regarding increased costs and marketplace instability, including insurance companies’ decisions to remove themselves from the exchanges. Anthem (NYSE:ANTM) announced it would not be selling plans in Ohio Tuesday. Aetna (NYSE:AET) and Humana (NYSE:HUM) both announced already this year that they will not be offering coverage for customers on the marketplace in 2018, referencing instability in the marketplace and the damaging costs of exchange participation.

“93,650 families paid $16.5 million in penalties instead of purchasing unaffordable ObamaCare health plans that didn’t meet their needs,” Trump said.

The House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act, a Republican sponsored effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, last month by a narrow margin. The bill will be sent to the Senate for amendments and another round of votes.