Trish Regan: Joe Biden denies reality while China tries to rewrite history

Former Vice President Joe Biden taking a decidedly pro-China approach to his 2020 presidential bid. It’s a political play that is dangerous for him and rhetoric that could be dangerous for our country.

He doubled down on his pro-China rhetoric today, going a little more general in his reference to Asia, telling an audience in Berlin, New Hampshire, “our workers are literally three times as productive as workers in the Far East, I mean -- excuse me, in Asia. And they are three times productive. And so, what are we worried about?”

This comes on the heels of recent comments made in Iowa, downplaying China as an economic threat to the U.S.

To make statements like that and the one in New Hampshire, it's clear that Biden is either massively naïve or deliberately trying to be provocative.

A bit of advice to Mr. Biden: That kind of talk isn’t going to fly in Berlin, New Hampshire where he was today. I grew up in the “live free or die” state. Berlin is a former manufacturing town, full of logging and paper mills but it is now a shadow of its former self thanks, in part, to too many presidents and too many administrations that thought a little like Joe Biden.

So while Biden is out there trying to infer that China isn’t a threat, China is working on its made in China 2025 push, which attempts to control the robotics, aerospace and tech industries. It is violating the human rights of its Muslim population by putting Muslims in concentration camps, and it’s adopting an Orwellian-like surveillance system to spy on and rank the social standing of its citizens. It fails to respect intellectual property rights and has lost repeated cases at the WTO for this. It forces American tech companies to hand over their technology when attempting to access China's markets.

In addition, China has not one, but two world banks of its own. The banks employ hugely aggressive lending practices to poor countries across the globe in a kind of loan shark style, causing these nations to become indebted to China, So, while China tries to explain that it's still deserving of a developing nation status, would the world bank still be lending to Paraguay if it had a couple world banks in its back pocket?

To add insult to injury, Biden is choosing to ignore the China threat today on June 4th.

Today is the 30 year anniversary of one of the most tragic events in modern history. Tiananmen Square. On June 4, 1989, Hundreds of thousands of students and workers in China took to the streets in a quest for democracy, for freedom and their own government killed them. The exact number we do not know. But estimates are between hundreds and several thousands.

As far as China is concerned, this day never happened. When our Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, addressed it in a tweet, the response was swift. The Chinese ambassador said Pompeo's statement, "grossly intervenes in China's internal affairs, attacks its system, and smears its domestic and foreign policies."

Because the U.S. wants the world to remember history, even if you don't?

If a country, like China, truly wants to grow, shouldn’t it be willing to admit its mistakes? Shouldn’t it apologize to the families that lost loved ones? It’s unclear how can we have a normalized relationship with China if China won’t acknowledge its past.

As for Biden speaking in New Hampshire today, effectively trying to say China is no big deal – He's wrong. It is.


The memory of Tiananmen Square is still fresh in my mind. I was sitting alongside my mother, watching TV in a small town not far from where Joe Biden was in New Hampshire today, watching the live television news coverage of that horrific scene, watching those courageous young people lose their lives in a quest for freedom.

China may want to rewrite history but the courage of those brave people will never be forgotten. Not by the world and not by me.