Trish Regan: House Dems attack AG William Barr over Mueller report findings

So much for budget talks. Attorney General William Barr is still facing backlash from the Democrats after his appearance on Capitol Hill in front of a House subcommittee. An appearance in which he was supposed to be asked about the Justice Department budget devolved into an onslaught from Democrats over the Mueller report.

Here they go again with the constant collusion delusion outcry.

Here’s the thing, guys, it’s coming out! Don’t worry, it is, and everyone is on your side on that! No one is saying the American public doesn’t deserve the right to see what Mueller’s findings were. After all, it was two years and millions of taxpayer dollars so, yes, we should see it.

And, yes, there will be redacted information as it relates to intelligence sources that would be compromised so, get over that.

Anyway, I give Barr credit for being such a patient man, for putting up with these politicians and for patiently answering their questions.


I also give him credit for issuing a statement shortly after receiving Mueller’s findings, because had he not, can you imagine the speculation that would have happened?

I mean, it’s bad enough as it is.