Trish Regan: Democrats need to stop spewing hate and work with Trump on immigration reform

The president of the United States is calling attention to an immigration crisis, the likes of which Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen equates to a Category 5 hurricane.

That’s how significant it’s considered to be. The U.S. Border Patrol apprehended more than 100,000 immigrants at our Southern border last month alone.

Let’s employ some common sense for a minute, because we could use it.

More than 100,000 foreigners are illegally crossing our border within just a 30-day stretch, and then they’re disappearing into our country.

Not good. But, you want to know what else is not good?

This idea, perpetuated by the media and by the Democratic Party, that we’re in an all-or-nothing environment when it comes to immigration.

This shouldn’t be that hard. Step one: secure our border. Add a wall. Add surveillance. Add more border patrol. Step two: Attack the laws on the books and reform them so that America makes it easy for foreigners who are good people -- hardworking people that want to be American and aren’t looking for handouts from American taxpayers -- to come here.

We need them. We want them. No one is disputing that. But, to listen to the Democrats, some of whom are disgustingly comparing the president’s desire to secure our borders to the Third Reich in Nazi Germany, you would think that conservatives hated immigrants, which is a pathetic oversimplification and unjust characterization of this entire issue.

Yes. There are bad people trying to infiltrate our country. The Democrats need to recognize and deal with that.

And, yes. There are wonderful people that want to be in our country and we want them. To suggest that the Trump administration’s policies are anti-immigrant is nothing but political posturing.

The president offered to make DACA recipients citizens, and the Democrats turned their back on it. Why? Because it doesn’t serve them politically.

Why would they allow the Republicans to be credited with extending citizenship to millions?

They have no intention of allowing that, because they want to hoard and save that whole group of voters to themselves. They want that group of voters to be dependent — dependent on Democratic politicians for citizenship, and for basic necessities. Let them in and keep them on a dependent, short leash. That is the economic and political agenda of so many Democrats right now.


But, here’s the reality and this is the future: I predict that if the Trump administration stays focused, it may be the first one to address immigration in a meaningful positive way, a way that will matter for years to come.

President Trump and the Republican Party might just be the first to lock down our borders while opening up America to the best, the brightest and the hardest-working citizens from around the world. It’s high time we accomplish all of that.