Trish Regan: College admissions scandal sends Hollywood to new low

The world of academia reaching a new low as admissions of guilt run rampant in the college admissions scandal.

Wealthy parents are attempting to express how ‘sorry’ they are for trying to manipulate the system in such a bold, crass, illegal way. Hollywood actress Felicity Huffman is one of those parents pleading guilty in the college admissions fraud scandal, along with 12 other parents and one coach. Lori Laughlin has not yet entered her plea.

What’s wrong with these people? Why on earth would you be so desperate to get your child into college, and in some cases, not especially good ones, that you would have someone else take the SAT for them? Or, pay a coach to enlist them as a crew recruit when they apparently do not even row?

Personally, no college is worth any of that in my mind. And, what are you effectively saying and communicating, to your child? That it’s okay to cheat?

Ms. Huffman says her daughter didn’t know that someone else was taking the SAT. I sure hope she didn’t. But, imagine what that suggests about Ms. Huffman.

Some people think they can take the easy way out and just get someone else to take the test and it will be fine. I can’t even begin to comprehend how messed up that is. Do some people really think that’s worth it?

Huffman did.

In Hollywood, they want big government and leftist group think to run the world. But, it’s interesting that when it comes to what is right for themselves, they choose a different path.

I mean, its fine to campaign for the environment and against fossil fuels. But, God forbid any of the Hollywood elite not be able to fly their private plane to Davos or the Cannes film festival.

And herein lies the hypocrisy of Hollywood. They want to tell the rest of the world what’s right or wrong yet totally fail to live by any kind of standards themselves.