This is not your father's Republican Party: Varney

This is not your father's Republican Party. It’s not your mother's either. It’s been transformed by Donald Trump. Tuesday's election results confirm it.

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The GOP is now the party of working-class America. What a switch! It’s long been portrayed as the country club party, the snooty upper-class party. Tell that to the working people throughout the Midwest, the South and the mid-Atlantic states who voted Republican. And tell it to rural Americans throughout the land, who voted in lockstep with the president.

Those voters liked the jobs that a booming economy created. They liked Trump's stand on illegal immigrants who compete with them for jobs. They like a strong military, because they're the people who join up.

And here's an important point for the future: They want health care that’s affordable, and if that means subsidies, so be it. And they don't want anyone messing with Social Security or Medicare. Trump is "for" all of those things.

So who did the Republican Party lose?  Suburban America. On Tuesday, voters in suburban Houston, Dallas and Atlanta went Democrat. Six years ago they all went Republican by double digits. The districts just outside Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, reliably Republican a few years ago, now solid Democrat.

All this, because of Donald trump. You can call him a populist, but I prefer to call him a transformational president. Because that’s what he's done. He has transformed the presidency, and the Republican Party.