The hatred of the left for America grows ever more vile: Varney

I've been away for a couple of weeks. I was on the other side of the world: New Zealand and Australia. I deliberately got away from it all. I was celebrating the season of good will.

And then I came back. I suppose I should have expected it, but the level of hatred and contempt from the left for our president, still came as a surprise.

Rashida Tlaib, a newly elected Democrat from Michigan, used a gross obscenity in calling for the impeachment of the president. I'm sure you've already seen and heard about this, but it was the first thing I saw as I arrived back in America. I had forgotten how deranged and insulting to America the left has become.

Throughout the weekend, the deluge continued: Speaker Nancy Pelosi says a border wall is "immoral" but would not condemn Ms. Tlaib's obscenity.

And then there was economic nonsense, combined with sheer nastiness, from socialist Alexandria Occasio-Cortes. She really doesn't like successful people who make good money: She wants to nearly double the top tax rate. Has she any idea what that would do to our booming economy? Does she care? She also labels our president a racist.


I came back to an endless stream of hostility to our president.

But I also came back to a string of successes for Mr. Trump: The economy is booming! Did you see those job numbers, or the wage gains? Trade talks resume today, and China is hurting. We have leverage. Did you see mortgage rates? Down to 4.5 percent.

What a contrast: The reality of prosperity, versus the over-the-top contempt for the president, and by extension, for America.

I really didn't like it. Nothing justifies the jealous rage of the left. And I don't think America likes it either.