Navarro: US is witnessing 'immaculate deception' in election canvassing reviews

Congress 'two months late and a trillion dollars short' with stimulus, trade adviser tells FBN.

Congress is "two months late and a trillion dollars short" in helping millions of Americans who are feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and ensuing economic shutdowns, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro told FOX Business Network's "The Claman Countdown" Friday.

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"Unfortunately the relief bill got caught up in politics, I think it was pretty clear the Democrats did not want anything to help President Trump," Navarro said."But now we're facing, as what I see, a chasm.

"I did not love that [November jobs] report today on unemployment, we clearly see what I refer to as the second derivative problem," he went on. "We had the trends going up in terms of being positive for the employment rate and things like that, but clearly at a decreasing rate. That is a second derivative and what we're gonna see fairly quickly right now is the flip over where that unemployment rate is going to stop [going down] and start going back up."

Navarro went on to describe the 2020 election as the "immaculate deception," telling host Liz Claman that "everything that I am seeing tells me that this election was stolen; everything I’m seeing across six states."

Claman pressed Navarro on his contention, noting that several judges have "not seen" any evidence that would overturn the election call for Joe Biden. She noted a major election suit in Pennsylvania had been rejected by U.S. Circuit Judge Stephanos Bibas -- himself a Trump appointee.

Navarro responded by pointing instead to Wisconsin and claiming that the high court in that state didn't rule on the merits of Trump's case, but rather remanded the case back to a lower court.


Navarro also addressed a video in which Fulton County, Ga. canvassers pulled a suitcase -- that some Trump supporters insist was full of ballots -- out from under a table.

"You saw the video," he told Claman. "That video in itself should just blow out the idea that Georgia election was fair. You have fraud issues, you have valid process issues [with] inadequate voter ID checks..."

"This is the immaculate deception on the American people: it’s been called the finesse, but I think what is important, let’s let the process play out, everybody in America needs to be comfortable with the idea that this election was fair and right now we don’t have that comfort level based on what the evidence is."