Ilhan Omar files unusual financial disclosure report

Omar’s most recent personal disclosure lists only five assets, four of them belonging to her husband

"Squad" firebrand Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., appears to have filed an unusual financial disclosure form.

Omar’s most recent personal financial filings disclose only five assets, with four of those listed belonging to her husband, Tim Mynett.

Notably, the disclosure lists the congresswoman’s husband’s earned income from his six to seven-figure job as a partner at political consulting firm eStreet Group, but does not appear to list any of the congresswoman's personal bank accounts.


Omar’s bank account is an asset required to be disclosed, according to federal law, with her personal financial disclosure listing a pair of money market accounts.

The Minnesota Democrat’s latest lacking disclosure appears to be the newest instance in her lackluster financial reporting.

Omar also appears to have failed to disclose her bank account in both her 2018 and 2019 financial disclosures, suggesting a potential unethical pattern in what she is disclosing to the public.

Omar’s campaign paid eStreet Group $3.7 million over the 2020 cycle, according to campaign filings, contributing four-fifths of political payments to her husband’s firm during the election cycle.

Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) executive director Kendra Arnold told FOX Business in a Tuesday email that all members of Congress "are required to fully disclose both their income and assets, along with those of their spouse."

"Any failure to meet the legal requirements is unacceptable, which can be investigated by the House Ethics Committee," Arnold said. "Like all Members of Congress, if Rep. Omar's husband had earned income she is required to report it, along with any bank accounts that earn interest and meet the threshold value for reporting."

"Not reporting information that meets the criteria is an ethics violation," Arnold said.

While there appears to be a pattern of financial disclosure failures, it is entirely possible that Omar does not actually have a personal bank account meeting the reporting threshold of $5,000 to disclose.


FOX Business asked the congresswoman’s office if she had a bank account and, if so, why did she not disclose it in her financial reports.

Omar's spokesperson Jeremy Slevin told FOX Business in a Tuesday email that the congresswoman "has been in full compliance with House Ethics rules."

"She has reported everything that is needed to be reported on the financial disclosure form accurately," Slevin said.