Here's how low things have fallen in Congress: Varney

Democrats have to be embarrassed. Rep. Lauren Underwood says the deaths of migrant children are "intentional."

And she said it directly to the acting homeland security chief. Without putting too fine a point on it, she was saying: You killed them.

Kevin McAleenan was asking for more money to take care of migrant children.

Underwood's comments were deemed so objectionable that the committee voted to strike them from the record.

But that didn't stop Democrat Nanette Berragan from also saying the child deaths were intentional.

And Sen. Elizabeth Warren, running for president, wants "a full accounting" from the Trump administration. The implication being that by detaining children, Trump is responsible for their deaths.

Democrats are treating any member of the trump team with absolute contempt: Who could forget Rep. Katie Porter talking down to Ben Carson, in the most condescending fashion: "You do know what an REO is don't you? Dr. Carson is a world-renowned brain surgeon.

I bring you all of this to show what depths our politics has descended to and also the difficulty of getting anything done in a Congress dominated by Trump hatred.


This is a financial program, and we look out for your money.

We would like to see some kind of infrastructure deal, and a fix for the border, and a budget and a spending plan. But we're not going to get it as long as Democrats embarrass themselves with contempt and outrageous claims of "intentional" killing.