Hey, Democrats, look what just happened in Australia: Varney

The candidate pushing tax hikes was sure to win. The media and the elites backed him. The polls all said he would come out on top. Even the exit polls said he would win. But he didn't. Bill Shorten, Labour Party leader, lost Australia's general election. The pundits are in a state of shock!

Now we don't spend much time on Australian politics, but Democrats here should be taking a long hard look at this one. In Australia voters were not prepared to sacrifice in the name of climate change, and they didn't want to risk their prosperity by taxing the rich!

That’s what Bill Shorten ran on: That’s what Australia's media and its elites supported. And they lost!

Take note, Democrats. Their presidential candidates are running on the same Green New Deal and tax-the-rich ideas that just lost the election for their counterparts in Australia.

What happened Down Under this past weekend is so very similar to what happened in America in 2016.

Hillary couldn't lose. The elites and their media allies were convinced they knew better than ordinary people. As we know, Hillary lost. Trump won a shocking victory!


Same in Australia now: A loss for the left. A shocking win for tax cutters!

Yes, that Australian election is worth spending time on. It may well be a taste of what’s to come again, here, in 2020.