Green New Deal embarrassing moderate Dems: Varney

Identity politics is coming home to roost in the Democratic Party. Holding together the often-competing identities within one party is proving very difficult. The Democrats are split and, frankly, embarrassed.

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In Virginia, the top three Democrats are hanging on to high office even though they are accused of serious racial and sexual transgressions. The African-American lieutenant governor is accused of rape, but he won't step down. The governor and attorney general have a black-face problem. They won't step down. What do African-American people do about that within the party? If those officials were Republicans, you know they'd be gone.

There is also a religious divide. Newly elected young Muslims oppose the state of Israel, which is supported by many Democrats, including Jewish members of Congress. Ilhan Omar has apologized for her anti-Semitic tweets, but she's still on the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee, which reviews policy on Israel. How do these opposite camps remain in the party?

Then there is the embarrassment of the Green New Deal. Its launch was hopelessly botched, and worse, presidential candidates offered their quick support. They are supporting economic nonsense!


Times change fast in politics. Only three months ago the Democrats were riding high. They had won control of the House. The presidency was in their sights. Now the party is being pulled apart by competing identities.

And the Green New Deal is just so laughable that any moderates left in the party are cringing. And the president? He's having a grand old time!