'Freedom Convoy' attorney slams Justin Trudeau for characterization of protesters

Keith Wilson said the Freedom Convoy is Canadians saying they've 'had enough'

Fox News Business host Elizabeth MacDonald asked the ‘Freedom Convoy’s' lead attorney Keith Wilson about the Canadian prime minister's attempt to characterize protesters as "fringe extremists, racists, and Nazis," on ‘The Evening Edit.’

KEITH WILSON: It's troubling that the prime minister of our country is now characterizing hardworking Canadians who during COVID delivered food and critical supplies and put themselves at risk to whatever risk it posed. And now suddenly for political opportunism, he's characterizing these hardworking truckers who are trying to protect their charter rights, who are trying to ensure that they're not discriminated against and have freedom of choice as somehow being a fringe element. I think Canadians took offense to it. And as you've seen across our country, this was a spontaneous event. This was not organized. These events that are occurring at various borders are not coordinated by any operation center. This is Canadians saying we've had enough, government overreach has gone too far, and we need our fundamental rights back. And it needs to stop now.