Even progressives mock de Blasio's presidential bid: Varney

Well, the president got the ball rolling. I have to say the reaction from everyone else came as a surprise to me.  I thought a rabble-rousing socialist would get at least a little support. Surely the "progressives" would rally round one of their champions!

But no. The De Blasio candidacy has been laughed out of court.

The New York Times: "De Blasio can't even troll Trump.” The writer jokes that hizzoner is often AWOL. He spends only 10 days a month in his office at city hall. This is the progressive New York Times going after the progressive New York mayor with biting humor! "He isn't even a competent troll," says the writer.

The Wall Street Journal begins its coverage with this: "Politics these days is a form of entertainment, and for the comedy portion of the Democratic nomination fight we now have Mayor Bill de Blasio.” But there's nothing funny about de Blasio's wasting $800 million on the failed renewal of city schools, or the mayor's war on successful charter schools, not to mention a chronic homeless problem.

The mayor is going to Iowa today. He's jumped right out on the campaign trail. What kind of crowds will he draw? Don't know, but CNN couldn't resist reporting that last time he was in Des Moines, the very small crowd could "have easily fit into a subway car back home."

TV scenes were filled with the mayor dropping Staten Island Chuck on ground-hog day... Chuck later died.


And I would be remiss if I didn't show you the cover of the New York Post: A big lol for the de Blasio candidacy.

However, before we completely dismiss hizzoner, let’s not forget that Donald Trump was met with similar ridicule when he came down the golden escalator four years ago.