Don't show your disdain for America, voters dislike it: Varney

I'm not running for office. But if I was, the very last thing I would do is criticize America or denigrate America.

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Why on Earth would a candidate talk down the country he or she wishes to lead?

Last year, former Attorney General Eric Holder said, "America has never been great." OK. That’s his point of view and he's entitled to express it. At the time, he was considering running for president. He has not declared yet. Perhaps he shouldn't have said, “America has never been great."

Fast forward to the present. Here's candidate Pete Buttigieg.

"Not as great as advertised." Was that a slam at the president's Make America Great Again? Maybe, but it’s a strange counter to the president’s very successful campaign slogan. Your honor, most Americans think our country is a beacon of freedom, that our country has faced down and beaten the Nazis, the Japanese Imperial Army, the Soviets and ISIS. I don't think they will like “America is not as great as advertised."


And they really didn't like this from Hillary.

Reportedly, when she stepped off the stage after making her "deplorables" speech, she said, “I think I really stepped in it." Yes, you did.

Bottom line: Don't show your dislike of Americans. Don't show your disdain for America’s achievements.

Voters don't like it.