Democrats to blame for border crisis: Varney

The scene at our southern border is a Democrat disgrace.

The left has encouraged mass, illegal immigration and the illegals have arrived in force. Tent cities are springing up, in America! Let’s be clear: We are not heartless. We are not evil. We're not racist or anti-immigrant. We are a humane society, swamped, overrun by migrants who have been encouraged to come here by America’s left. They did this. And they blame the rest of us!

On Tuesday, 150 illegals were released onto the streets of El Paso: Government facilities were full to bursting, so they camped in a public park. In the same area, in a 10 minute period, the Border Patrol apprehended two large groups, totaling over 400 people. All claimed asylum.

In the McAllen area, 1,000 were apprehended in a 24-hour period. In that part of Texas 2,200 have been released into America just since Monday!

How are they getting to the border these days? By express bus, direct from Guatemala! For up to $7,000 per adult with child, the smugglers offer a quick trip: In about 72 hours, they arrive within walking distance of the border. They walk across and demand asylum. They're in.

It is the Democrats who have encouraged them. And it is the Democrats who are doing their best to keep them here. “No border wall,” sanctuary cities and states! Abolish immigration enforcement: That is an open invitation to come and stay.


I doubt that any Democrat will accept any responsibility for the mess they have helped create.

So, every single presidential wannabe should be asked the question: What are you going to do about this?