Democrats still not over Trump: Varney

When you lose, change the rules, so next time you might win.

That seems to be the Democrats' strategy. Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral College vote. So now there are loud calls to abolish or drastically reform the Electoral College.

Democrats lost the Supreme Court battle over Justice Kavanaugh so now they want to change the rules there, too.

Both are bad ideas. Changing the rules because you lost looks like sour grapes. I think the Democrats have a bad case of sour grapes. They are still not over Donald Trump. They will never be over Donald Trump.

And it’s not a good idea to change the rules of our constitutional republic, which has kept us free for a very long time.

At the Supreme Court, there's a proposal to expand the number of justices from nine to 15. Or term limits or rotating justices … anything to upset the way things are. Not going to happen. The president says he won't entertain any of this. No change for the next six years, he says!

With the Electoral College, presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren wants flat-out abolition. Terrible idea. Low population rural states would be completely left out. Big cities would gain power. Heaven forbid they run the whole country! Well, it’s not going to happen. Changing the Constitution to get rid of the Electoral College is exceptionally difficult. My grandchildren won't see it!


There is something called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. That’s an attempt to get around the Electoral College, state by state. Twelve states have signed on. But it is a very long way from having serious impact.

Bottom line: the Democrats, in their rage at Trump, have miscalculated. America is not ready to throw out the structure that has kept our constitutional republic safe, secure and free for 230 years.

Sour grapes is no basis for constitutional change!