Democrats' policies will lead to repeat of 'Europe's energy crisis,' Barrasso report warns

President Biden’s highly controversial Green New Deal may be voted on as early as Thursday night

FIRST ON FOX: Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., released a report warning the U.S. against adopting the Democrats’ energy policies in their reconciliation bill by pointing to the power struggles facing Europe.

The ranking member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee's report, which was first obtained by FOX Business, shows "how Europe's energy crisis serves as a dire warning to the United States if Democrats enact President Biden’s budget blowout," his office said.

"Europe’s energy crisis should serve as a dire warning to every American," Barrasso said, adding that if congressional Democrats "pass their reckless tax and spending spree, we will see the same crisis" stateside.


"This investigative report shows that Europe has already tried these punishing energy policies and failed," Barrasso said in a release accompanying the report. "The results have been climbing energy bills for consumers, less reliable electric service, power shortages, and an increased reliance on Vladimir Putin."

"The United States shouldn’t copy Europe’s failed energy playbook," he added.

The report outlines how European countries have "pursued an array of policies to generate deep cuts in the continent’s emissions," including "carbon taxes," "feed in tariffs," and "bans on fossil fuel developments" while exploring the results of said policies.

"They have been a disaster," the report says about the policies’ impact. "Unrealistically aggressive climate and energy policies, which will only be made worse by imposition of the Green Deal, have conspired to make Europe’s energy prices the highest in the world."

"Democrat leadership plans to pass, on a partisan basis and without Republican support or input, an obscenely expensive tax and spending spree drafted by Senator Sanders that would spend trillions of dollars we do not have on a socialist wish list voters do not want, including the complete remaking our energy systems," the report says in its conclusion.


"Europe provides a window to the menacing impacts the Democrats’ policies would have in the United States. What we could expect here is the same thing they are experiencing in Europe: skyhigh rates for energy and electricity, shortages of natural gas and other fuels, more blackouts, and less geopolitical clout," it continues.