Brexit could lead to new strong trade partners in the EU

With the United Kingdom on the verge of a no-deal Brexit, many other European Union nations are eyeing the prospect of a new "special relationship" regarding trade with America.

President of the U.S.-Poland Business Council Eric Stewart believes a no-deal Brexit is going to have "significant ramifications throughout all of Europe."

"Poland is going to be the biggest most important ally in the EU once the Brits leave the European Union."

- Eric Stewart

"Poland and Romania and Lithuania and Hungary and all these countries have been staunch allies of ours for many many years," Stewart told FOX Business' "The Claman Countdown."

Stewart thinks it's easier to have multilateral negotiations with lots of countries, but the U.S.-United Kingdom relationship has been unique for years.

"It'll be absolutely essential and critical that we negotiate this as soon as possible if not before the Brits actually leave the EU," Stewart said.


The UK is set to exit the EU on Oct. 31.