Joe Biden has a gaffe problem and it's going to hurt him: Varney

Two gaffes, on the same day. Not good for the front-running Democrat.

Unfortunately, it’s the latest in a series of miss-steps and stumbles.

Let’s get right at it, shall we? Joe Biden is 76 years old. He will be 77 in November and if he wins the oval office, he will be 78 at the start of his presidency. Without putting too fine a point on it, for a president, that’s old. I may be guilty of ageism here. I'm suggesting that his latest gaffes are the result of his age. Joe Biden is not sharp. That’s true of many people in their 70's, myself included. But you have to wonder if 78 is too old to begin a four-year presidential term?

There's also the question of stamina: can he a) get through the grueling schedule of appearances, debates, and speeches, and b) stay focused intellectually, avoiding the gaffes that have become all too frequent. It is a fair question, and Democratic voters will have to deal with it.

In fact, the whole party has to deal with age: Speaker Pelosi is the highest-ranking Democrat in the land: she is 79 and turns 80 in March of next year. She's already clashed with the young newcomers, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who are mounting a generational and ideological challenge.

President Trump is 73, and he has made some spectacular gaffes of his own, perhaps related to age but more likely related to a lack of verbal discipline.  But you can’t accuse him of lacking energy. Nobody keeps up with him: Hillary couldn't.

I think Joe Biden has a gaffe problem, and I think it’s going to hurt him. That’s terrible news for his party because he's the great moderate hope. Without him, the Democrats are left with front runners who are way out there on the left.


We are 6 months from the Iowa caucuses and today, Joe Biden is at the Iowa State Fair.

Every middle of the road Democrat will have their fingers crossed that he uses a teleprompter.