Joe Biden dazed and confused at Dem debate?

Dazed and confused?

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Former Vice President Joe Biden lit the twitter world on fire overnight with a whacky sign off at Wednesday’s Democratic Debate in Detroit. Biden told the audience and folks watching at home “If you agree with me, go to Joe 30330 and help me in this fight. Thank you very much.” Within minutes, "Joe 30330" was trending on Twitter.

Biden's team quickly jumped into action with a tweet that cleared things up. Apparently the former Vice President meant for supporters to TEXT the number 30330.

And while everyone knows it was late in the evening that didn't stop the twitterverse from having a field day at Biden's expense.

It was just one of a series of oddities coming from BIden who also referred to his opponent Senator Cory Booker as "president" and "the future president".

Booker's campaign chief quickly jumped on that "endorsement".


Gaffes aside, Biden spent most of the night under attack on his role in the Obama adminstration's policies on immigration and healthcare. Booker went so far as to accuse Biden of using former president Barack Obama when it was convenient for him, but dodged him when it's not.

Just a day earlier, President Trump predicted Biden would “limp” out of a crowded Democratic field to square off against him in 2020. “I think right now it will be ‘Sleepy Joe,'” Trump told reporters, using his blistering nickname for the 76-year old frontrunner.

In April, Trump tweeted a prediction that he would face either Biden or “Crazy Bernie Sanders” in 2020.