Bernie Sanders agenda ‘all free,’ Karl Rove says

Karl Rove, who was deputy chief of staff under President George W. Bush, said Wednesday that a run by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders against President Donald Trump in 2020 will offer voters an agenda of free for all.

“Free tuition, free health care, free family leave: It’s all free, doesn’t cost a dime,” Rove said during an interview on the FOX Business program “The Evening Edit.”

Jeff Weaver, the former campaign manager for Sanders, said on CSPAN that the 2016 presidential candidate is considering another run for the White House.

Rove said Sanders’ socialist agenda is having a big effect on Democratic congressional candidates who are pushing for a policy that includes Medicare coverage for all.

“What he wants to do is take that system, which today is supposed to help seniors and is going broke, and extend it to everybody, which means it will simply go broke quicker,” Rove said.

He said Sanders is impervious to the reality of the failure of the socialist agenda.

“Socialism has failed in every place that it has been attempted,” he said. “Sanders now believes in some way, shape or form we can have socialism in America, and it will somehow succeed here.”