Media sided with 'thugs and kleptocrats' after Trump's UN speech: Varney

President Trump opened his speech to the U.N. with a bold statement: This administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. Some of the assembled world leaders laughed. Although Mr. Trump handled it well, the media, our media, did not.

Yet again, they showed their contempt for this president, actually taking the side of the thugs and kleptocrats, strongmen and dictators who had laughed at our president. America's elites detest him and they are now encouraging the rest of us to join in the U.N.'s laughter. Whose side are they on? The Washington Post has an op-ed this morning: "Trump is the laughing stock of the world." The editorial board of The New York Times: "President Trump addresses the United Nations (laughter)."

OK, Mr. Trump exaggerates. Bluster is his style. But that’s no excuse for America’s elites to line up with poison gas Syrians, terrorist Iranians, bullying China, free-loaders in Europe and socialist dictators of Venezuela? That’s what they're doing – encouraging Americans to be contemptuous of Trump.

They long for the days of President Obama, who of course was received with rapture when he spoke at the U.N. They loved him, because he did not put America first. He accommodated the poison-gas Syrians, terrorist Iranians, China's bullies, the open-borders disaster in Europe and the disastrous socialists in Venezuela.

But amid the laughter, let’s review what Mr. Trump has indeed achieved: Iran’s economy is collapsing. So too is Venezuela’s. Syria's Assad is on a tight reign. China has been confronted and North Korea hasn't fired off a missile or tested a nuke since Trump told him to knock it off!

Right about now, our president chairs a U.N. Security Council meeting on weapons of mass destruction. You know, nukes and chemical weapons. Obama gave the Syrians and Iranians and North Koreans a pass. Trump won't. Who is laughing now?