Rob Gronkowski saves entire NFL salary, retires with millions

Three-time Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski, known as “Gronk,” may have been a powerhouse on the gridiron, but when it comes to his hard-earned cash, he doesn't take any chances.

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He told FOX Business that he doesn’t spend a dime of his NFL income, he strictly lives on his endorsements.

“I saved it all throughout my whole career which is very nice,” he told Stuart Varney on Wednesday.

Gronk first detailed his frugalness back in 2015 in 'It's GOOD to be GRONK" a book which he co-authored with his agent Jason Rosenhaus.

Fast-forward to 2019,  Gronk said he's “in a great place."

“I've just been told throughout, you know, that the NFL is not for long,” he said.  “Which is true the average career is what, two and a half years, to three and a half years for anybody that's in the NFL. So it worked out well.”

The former tight end announced his retirement after nine seasons with the New England Patriots and earned more than $50 million.

Now, he is onto a new career.  Last month he joined Abacus Health Products as a spokesman for its cannabis-derived CBDMEDIC pain relief products.