Megan Henney

Megan Henney is a reporter for FOX Business. Follow her on Twitter @megan_henney.

White House doubles down on fight for extra IRS funding

The Biden administration defended its plan to increase funding for the IRS by nearly $80 billion, arguing in a memo to congressional Democrats the additional money could help the agency crack down on wealthy tax dodgers and recover billions in lost revenue.

Biden recruits Disney, Microsoft CEOs to push COVID-19 vaccine mandate

President Biden on Wednesday met with some of the top business leaders in the country, including the CEOs of Microsoft, Walt Disney and Walgreens, days after the White House announced strict vaccination rules for millions of workers as the highly contagious delta variant surges.

AOC to introduce bill extending pandemic unemployment benefits

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said this week she will introduce new legislation to reinstate unemployment benefits for millions of Americans after Congress allowed three federal programs put in place during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic to expire last week.