Varney: Democrats are in hysteria

No wonder the Democrats are pushing so hard on impeachment, their own party, their own narrative, is in disarray. But try as they might, the splits, divisions and policy fights are coming to the surface.

What was Hillary thinking when she called Tulsi Gabbard a "Russian asset"? It was such a wild assertion that, at first, CNN and MSNBC didn't know what to make of it and it even took them a while to report it. And now, Gabbard has responded with a video telling Hillary, "I'm not a traitor and you won't shut me up."

Have you ever seen such a split?


Senator Elizabeth Warren [D-MA] is giving Democrats agita with her refusal to say, clearly, if taxes on the middle class will go up to pay for Medicare-for-all. She was asked again on Sunday and came back with her usual response: she's going to get "costs" down and the full plan will be revealed soon. With health care at the heart of the Democrats' 2020 campaign, they need to tell us soon who's really on the hook for another round of a health care upset.

Bernie and AOC are also giving their fellow Democrats cause for concern. Over the weekend, she endorsed him right on the spot where Amazon was going to build a big campus until her opposition helped kill the deal. Does Bernie so hate billionaires that he'll stop New York from getting thousands of new, very well-paid jobs? Apparently so.

And then there's the money-raising story: Trump's winning. Democrats are trailing. The Trump campaign has mastered social media far better than his potential opponents. Former front-runner Joe Biden is having a particularly hard time. Who would've thought? We were always told that Democrats were masters of political organization.


So as we start the new week, look beneath the impeachment headlines. You'll see a full-employment economy that's much stronger than Europe or Japan.

And you'll also see a Democratic party that's struggling with policy, messaging, money raising and still trying to deal with Hillary's charge that Tulsi Gabbard, a combat veteran, is a Russian asset.