Varney: Middle America’s wallet will decide 2020

The great American middle class is coming back strong, and this may be the most important factor in the 2020 election.

We're talking prosperity here. $65,976: that’s the median household income now. And it’s up $5,000 since Mr. Trump took office. Up $5,000!

In the 16 years before the Trump era, household income rose just $1,500. Trump: up $5,000 in three years. Bush and Obama: up $1,500 in 16 years!

That is a newly prosperous Middle America and it’s Middle America that decides elections.

You haven’t heard much about this of course. Anything good about the Trump years is ignored and the socialists running for president repeat the tired old clichés about the rich getting richer and having to work two or three jobs to make ends meet.

They can't say that tax cuts, deregulation and cheap energy have brought prosperity. To acknowledge that means acknowledging the success of Mr. Trump’s policies, and that’s something no Democrat can do.

It’s the Democratic dilemma; how do you run against prosperity? Well, you call the president names. You try to impeach him. You stamp your feet and say you just can't stand him.

Does all of that beat extra money in Middle America’s pocket? And will Middle America take a leap in the dark for socialism? Hard to believe that we'll abandon the system that’s made this country wealthy, just because of the president's style and tone!

Consider this; President Trump will easily win re-election if the economy holds up. That’s from Moody’s — a big Wall Street analytical firm. They've been right about every presidential election since 1980, except for 2016 when they forecast a narrow win for Hillary.

They are saying prosperity wins. And unless something goes badly wrong, we will remain a prosperous nation in November next year. And yes, it’s very hard to run against prosperity.