Stephen King, one of the richest authors, still out to scare you

Stephen King is set to scare the living daylights out of horror fans -- while taking home a hefty paycheck with the release of a new movie and novel.

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The spooky author announced on Twitter late Friday the publication of his next book, “The Institute,” and the release of “It: Chapter 2,” the sequel to the 2017 hit, a remake of the 1990 TV mini-series on ABC.

The upcoming novel centers on a sinister institute populated by children with unique talents. The clown-centric film, meanwhile, could break the U.S. box office record for the highest-grossing R-rated horror movie.

The success of the movie version of "It," adapted from his 1986 novel bearing the same name, doubled King's earnings after he collected an eight-figure paycheck from the film, according to Forbes. The Warner Bros. horror flick grossed $700 million worldwide on a $35 million budget.

King earned $27 million, making him the third highest-paid author of 2018. He has earned more than $450 million in his career.


Here’s a look at Stephen King’s top 10 box office movies, according to Forbes.

10. The Lawnmower Man (New Line) 1992 Total Box Office: $68.77 million


9. The Running Man (Tristar) 1987 Total Box Office: $86.32 million


8. 1408 (MGM) 2007 Total Box Office: $93.02 million


7. Stand by Me (Columbia Tristar) 1986 Total Box Office: $125.29 million


6. Pet Semetary (Paramount) 1989 Total Box Office: $128.69 million


5. Misery (Columbia Tristar) 1990 Total Box Office: $129.06 million (Misery remains the only Stephen King adaptation that won an Academy Award).


4. Carrie (United Artists) 1976 Total Box Office: $141.07 million


3. The Shining (Warner Bros) 1980 Total Box Office: $145.47 million


2. The Green Mile (Warner Bros) 1999 Total Box Office: $232.17 million


1. It (Warner Bros) 2017 Total Box Office: $700.4 million