Sen. Rand Paul explains why he is leaving YouTube

Paul doesn't want to be a part of any 'small-minded' thought processes

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., called YouTube the "worst" in Big Tech on "Kudlow" Tuesday, explaining why he decided to officially leave the social media platform. 

RAND PAUL: "Mark Twain always said everybody was complaining about the weather, but nobody was doing anything about it. Everybody's always complaining about Big Tech. I decided to do something about it and I said, 'Who's the worst? Who's the worst in Big Tech?' And it's got to be YouTube." 

"I mean, they took down a speech that I gave on the Senate floor, for goodness sakes. I mean, how crazy is that? They are so smug, so arrogant and so smart that they think that my speech on the Senate floor is something they disapprove of so much. They're not going to allow anybody to see it. So I don't want any part of that small-minded, closed-minded kind of, you know, very, I think, immature kind of thought process. I want to be associated with people who want to have debate, who want to be part of big ideas, who understand that ideas are how we get to innovation. So I don't want to be associated with these small-minded people."