LARRY KUDLOW: Trump indictment was totally politically motivated

The indictment has a Soviet-style feel, Kudlow says

So, the far-left rogue New York D.A. Alvin Bragg finally got his grand jury to convict a ham sandwich called "Donald Trump." For a while, it looked like Bragg was dead in the water, and he lied to the public about the grand jury not meeting this past week because they did, and hence the indictment, but it all has a certain Soviet-style feel to it – "in the dark of night" type of stuff.   

Of course, it was totally politically motivated and, yes, indicting a former president is unprecedented. Yes, it is outrageous. Yes, it sends the wrong signal to the rest of the world, making the U.S. look like a Latin American style banana republic. Yes, it seems like incredibly small beer in the grand scheme of things.   

Stormy Daniels was over 15 years ago and the former playboy model Karen McDougal was around the same time.  Why are we still talking about this nonsense? Because Democratic leftists can't help themselves.  It's part of the Trump Derangement Syndrome they suffer from – now that's an incurable disease.  

There are no meds or remedies that will get them through it, but what's done is done. There will be a trial. Mr. Trump will have to suffer through.  We're going to talk to former AG William Barr in a few moments about all of this and following that, we'll revisit it with Fox's chief legal correspondent and Fox News Sunday host Shannon Bream, and also touch on her new book, "The Love Stories of the Bible." 


So, at this point, let me announce grandly that former President Trump is still standing just as he has stood through all the nonsense the crazy leftist Democrats have thrown at him down through the years.  

Just think of it: two impeachments (but of course no convictions), the Steele Dossier, the entire Russian hoax nonsense, the Mueller investigation, the special counsel on classified documents investigated tax returns, various Democratic House investigations from nothingburgers like Nadler and Schiff, the so-called J6 Committee, the Georgia elections. Former President Trump is still standing.   

The lefty Democrats hate him because of his many accomplishments and because he has never (and will never) accept the D.C. swamp or the so-called political elite power structure. Mr. Trump is a fighter. Mr. Trump will clean house in Washington if he were to get re-elected to a second term.   

The Democrat lefties know this and are petrified of this. So, they continue to do everything they humanly can to prevent him from being president. Whatever it takes, legal or illegal, they're on it.  I'm no lawyer. I have no idea about the details. It looks to me like a phony, ginned up Alvin Bragg grand jury nonsense, but I know the ultimate motivation from the lefty Democrats is to get Trump and stop Trump.  

Now having said my peace this evening about all this, let me close with this thought. In his first term, Mr. Trump had a long list of policy achievements that made America a stronger, more prosperous and a wealthier country.   

His tax cuts and deregulation boosted minority groups, blue-collar workers and the lower class. They gave everybody a tremendous booster shot to their sagging real incomes. He delivered energy independence so America would not have to listen to the guff of Vladimir Putin or Hugo Chavez or Lula in Brazil or even our occasional friends in Saudi Arabia.   

He was America's greatest supporter of Israel, negotiating the Abraham Accords and moving the American embassy to Jerusalem. He rang the bell on the China threat and our adversarial relationship with the CCP.   

He showed folks how tariffs, or the threat of tariffs, can work for reciprocal trade deals in North America, Japan and South Korea, or even controlling the Southern border by bringing a socialist Mexican president to his senses. Mr. Trump showed people how to be tough and strong. There were no new wars on his watch.   


Donald Trump at CPAC

NATIONAL HARBOR, MARYLAND - MARCH 04: Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to reporters before his speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center on March 4, 2023 in Nation ((Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images) / Getty Images)

He showed people how to negotiate, cashing in on his vast business experience. He made deals with Congress. He brought in the private sector for Operation Warp Speed’s COVID vaccines.  He wiped out ISIS from Syria. He took out Al Baghdadi and ran Soleimani off the road. Trump in just a few short years became the reincarnation of the great Ronald Reagan's dictum of "peace through strength."   

He updated the doctrine, he modernized the doctrine and he left America a happier nation when he departed the White House. I can't predict the future, but I do know the former president believes that his work is not yet done and I know millions and millions of people around the country agree with him.  "Make America Great Again, Again," he would say and let me add: Alvin Bragg, get out of the way.   

This article is adapted from Larry Kudlow’s opening commentary on the March 31, 2023, edition of "Kudlow."