Guns N' Roses sues Colorado brewery for alleged trademark infringement

Guns N’ Roses is suing a Colorado brewery for its “Guns ‘N’ Rosé” ale, claiming it infringes on the legendary rock band’s trademark and suggests the group is somehow connected to the product.

Oskar Blues Brewery attempted to trademark the name in 2018, according to the Hollywood Reporter, prompting the band's manager to reach out. The brewery then withdrew the trademark application but continued to sell the drink, according to the lawsuit filed in California on Thursday. Oskar Blues also sells merchandise with the label of the rosé ale.

Guns N’ Roses is seeking an injunction against the brewery to prevent the sale of the "Guns 'N' Rosé" ale. The band also wants the company to surrender any promotional material for destruction, as well as unspecified damages.


It is not uncommon for bands to sue entities that use their likeness without permission. A firm representing Nirvana, for example, is reportedly suing Marc Jacobs, along with retailers Marc Jacobs and Saks Fifth Avenue, for using the grunge band’s smiley face logo in a clothing line from the designer.