New Oreo 'mystery' flavor offers a chance to win $50,000

Getting paid $50,000 to eat a cookie sounds like a 5-year-old’s dream job, but Oreo is making this dream come true. The cookie company released a new “mystery flavor” and wants people to guess what it is for a chance to win $50,000.

The company says the flavor could be completely new or a combination of two current Oreo flavors. There are several clues included on the new cookie's packaging, and fans have until Nov. 10 to submit their best guess online.

Some are calling this a brilliant marketing move and, indeed, the mystery flavor is getting plenty of media coverage. Even celebrities like "Stranger Things" actor Gaten Matarazzo and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor Terry Crews are getting involved.

Marketing stunts similar to this have kept Oreo’s name in the cultural zeitgeist and have likely contributed to its title of the world’s best-selling cookie. Oreo's annual sales exceed $2 billion globally.

Oreo’s history of innovative marketing ranges from capitalizing on social issues to its impromptu tweet capitalizing on the 2013 Super Bowl blackout that went viral.

Oreo has released dozens of new, sometimes limited-edition -- and sometimes controversial -- flavors in the past, like Cherry Cola, Birthday Cake and Candy Corn, which have also garnered media attention.


Editor's Note: Oreo announced the mystery flavor as "Churro" on Dec. 2. FOX Business guest and former investment banker Carol Roth correctly guessed the flavor as "Churro" in September.