Oreo maker Mondelez explores CBD-infused food products

Mondelez, the company behind popular snack brands such as Oreos and Chips Ahoy cookies, is exploring the possibility of adding CBD-infused products to its lineup.

The multinational company is in the early stages of assessing how CBD, or cannabinoid, could fit into its future plans. Mondelez said it has made no final determination on if or when CBD products could hit shelves and has no plans to launch CBD products associated with its existing “family-oriented” brands.

“Our current range of brands are family oriented and we don’t currently intend to bring any cannabis or CBD products under these brands,” a Mondelez spokesperson said in a statement. “CBD-infused products are a rapidly evolving consumer space and we are studying this space and watching the regulatory environment.”

Mondelez CEO Dirk Van de Put addressed the possibility of CBD-infused snacks during an interview on CNBC on Wednesday, noting that the company was “getting ready” to move while waiting for further clarity on the regulatory front. While Congress’ passage of the Farm Bill last December legalized hemp and many CBD products, the Food and Drug Administration is examining the legality of CBD as a food additive.

The hemp-derived compound does not have any psychoactive effects and has gained popularity in recent years for its purported health benefits, drawing interest from several major corporations in the process.

Fast-food chain Carl’s Jr. tested a CBD-infused cheeseburger last month in April and said it could launch the menu item nationwide if the test was a success. Corona beer parent Constellation Brands and Molson-Coors have made direct investments in the space, while retailers including Walgreens and CVS have begun selling some topical CBD products.

Other companies are taking a more cautious approach. Coca-Cola shut down rumors that it was in talks to develop a CBD-infused beverage last October.


“As Dirk said, there are still many hurdles to using CBD in the edible space and the legal and regulatory situation will need clarification. For now, we are focusing on delivering on our strategy to accelerate consumer-centric growth,” Mondelez added.