Wardrobe malfunction: Rent the Runway temporarily cuts off new customers

Rent the Runway has stopped accepting subscribers, for now, amid struggles with logistics and shipping.

The New York-based clothing rental service won't take any more orders for special events before Oct. 15 and is experiencing delays with other requests, the company said in a statement on its website.

The start-up made the announcement on Facebook and in an email to customers from Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman, The Wall Street Journal reported.

After several weeks of delayed orders and logistics issues, Rent the Runway has decided not to take new customers or orders until after Oct. 15. The company's fulfillment center in New Jersey is pictured. (REUTERS/Andrew Kelly - RC1BD2007950)

“Over the last few weeks, some of our customers have experienced delays in receiving Rent the Runway orders,” the company said. “The delays, which began Sept. 13, are due to unforeseen issues associated with a significant transformation that we are executing in our fulfillment operation.”

“Our technical team is working to fix these issues as quickly as possible. We expect this upgrade to be completed by Oct. 15 or sooner, which will improve the Rent the Runway experience,” the firm added.

Rent the Runway also warned that some orders for special events before Oct. 7 have already been canceled. Those customers will receive a refund and $200, “in an effort to make up for this failure,” the company said.

“While we know no amount of money can make this right, it is our responsibility to rebuild trust with you over time,” Rent the Runway said.

The New York-based company said that it will refund any orders that have been canceled and give customers $200, “in an effort to make up for this failure.” (REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton - RC13F774F1C0)

Customers who have already made other kinds of orders will continue to receive them, but deliveries may be delayed by one or two days until Oct. 15.


Any new customers who want to sign up for the subscription service will be put on a waitlist until Oct. 15. Rent the Runway subscribers pay up to $159 to rent everyday wear or special-occasion dresses temporarily.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.