Most popular drive-thru restaurants in every US state revealed

See which states love Chick-fil-A, Burger King and more

Curious to learn which drive-thrus are the most popular in your state?, the first and longest-running UK comparison site, crunched numbers from across the pond using data from to reveal the most searched for and top trending drive-thrus in every state in America. 

Based on their findings, Burger King secured the top spot as the most popular drive-thru in 2021 thus far, earning the accolade as the favorite drive-thru over the past 12 months in Colorado, Connecticut, Missouri, North Carolina, Utah and Hawaii. In the Aloha State, searches for the fast food chain spiked by an impressive 600% in the last twelve months.

Meanwhile, KFC and White Castle tied for second for the most popular drive-thrus for 2021, reflecting the biggest increase in search trends in five different states. On the flip side, some eateries saw waning popularity in 2021 so far with Tim Hortons, Boston Market and Starbucks declining by 52%, 43%, and 42% respectively in online search trends.

In addition to the mega chains, regional favorites also graced the list. In Georgia and Maryland, Bojangles secured the top spot as most popular restaurant by search volume in the state, whereas San Antonio-based favorite Steak ‘n Shake secured the #1 spot in Texas. And Tennessee loves its Popeyes while New Hampshire can’t get enough of Chick-fil-A. 


Despite the recent dip in search trends, Starbucks still remains America’s so-called "ultimate" drive-thru based on search volume alone with an average search volume of 33,160 queries per month across the entire country, more than any other drive-thru considered in’s review. With many Americans working from home since the coronavirus outbreak, we’re guessing some of that decline in searches may be attributable to people fueling up on their cup of joe at home.

OAKLAND, CA - MARCH 20: A sign advertising the new Burger King turkey burger is displayed at the drive thru of a Burger King restaurant on March 20, 2013 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) ( Justin Sullivan/Getty Images / Getty Images)

You can read the full report on the most popular drive-thrus in America and see what chains reigned supreme in your neck of the woods here.