Baby formula recalled over health risks

Infant formula's 'iron, sodium, and potassium content were well over the maximum allowed'

Infant formula sold nationwide is being recalled over potential health risks, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Moor Herbs voluntarily recalled its Angel Formula on Jan. 7 after FDA testing revealed that the "product did not meet specific nutrition and labeling requirements for infant formula," according to the recall notice posted by the FDA. 


Moor Herbs recalls "Angel Formula" because of possible health risks. (FDA)

According to the company's recall, "the iron, sodium, and potassium content were well over the maximum allowed," which officials say could potentially lead to an iron overload and or an imbalance in electrolytes. 

Consumers were also informed that the formula didn't have vitamin D and that a "vitamin D deficiency can potentially lead to rickets, a softening and weakening of bones."  


The formula, which was packaged in 16 fl. oz. plastic bottles, was sold at the company's retail store in Detroit as well as through its website. According to the recall, the company began shipping the formula to consumers nationwide in February 2019. 

To date, the company has not been made aware of any illnesses or injuries related to the recalled product. 

However, the FDA began warning parents and caregivers to stop using the formula last month. 

"This product is marketed as an infant formula … but the required pre-market infant formula notification for this product has not been submitted to the FDA," the agency said in a Dec. 23 warning notice. 

At the time, the FDA said that Moor was manufacturing the products without a state license and that it wasn't registered with the agency, which is "a requirement for companies manufacturing infant formula."

The agency also noted that the company continued to sell its product even after the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development seized its products in August 2021 and issued a cease-and-desist order.

After speaking with the company last month, the FDA and Moor began working to voluntarily recall the product. 

Moor Herbs has not immediately responded to FOX Business' request for comment.