Daniella Genovese

Daniella Genovese is a reporter covering consumer trends with a particular focus on the retail, travel, real estate and food industries for Fox Business and Fox News Digital.

Daniella reported extensively on how the COVID-19 pandemic affected corporations, small businesses and the real estate market. As the 2020 election approached, she reported stories on the impact a possible new administration would have on business and the effects new policies would have in the wake of recovering economy.

Daniella has profiled some of the more significant leaders in the business world including the CEOs of Blackstone Inc. Pandora, Lowe's, Anheuser-Busch, Rite-Aid, Royal Caribbean, in addition to the founder of AirBnB

Before joining Fox in 2019, Daniella worked as a digital content producer for News10NBC in Rochester, New York.

Daniella is a graduate of Loyola University Maryland.

You can contact Daniella at Daniella.genovese@fox.com and follow her on Twitter @DaniellaGeno.

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