CarMax offering 24-hour test drives with free Dunkin'

Prospective buyers can drive 150 miles

CarMax is ‘Doin' Donuts' to promote its new 24-hour test drive policy.

The used car retailer is offering a $10 Dunkin' gift card to anyone who takes home a car for the night to decide if they'd like to buy it, and encouraging them to hit the drive-through for a treat while they're making the rounds.

The program is part of CarMax's recently introduced Love Your Car Guarantee, which also incorporates a 30-day return policy on purchases.

The 24-hour test drive includes 150 miles of driving, but requires proof of personal comprehensive and collision coverage, while the 30-day return policy allows buyers to put up to 1,500 miles on their vehicles and still qualify for a full refund.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the extended return policy is a response to 7-day programs from new competitors like Carvana and Vroom.


The ‘Doin' Donuts’ promotion is currently scheduled to run through May 16 and participants who hashtag and post about their test drives on social media are entered into sweepstakes to win a year's worth of free donuts.