10 things that’ll get you banned at Disney theme parks

Walt Disney World and Disneyland welcome millions of visitors per year, but just like any other amusement park, there’s a list of things you shouldn’t do.

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Here is a list of the 10 top things that will get you thrown out of Disney — or worse, a lifetime ban.

10. Wearing a Disney costume

Adults are prohibited from wearing costumes of Disney characters at all theme parks to ensure that guests receive a genuine interaction with Disney cast members only. This rule also ensures that the many children who visit Disney will remain safe. Exceptions exist for special holidays or events, but wearing a costume on a normal day will get you kicked out.

“Disney Bounding,” which is the act of wearing attire that is reminiscent to the Disney character is the safer option for adult park goers. Alternatively, a “Character Couture” makeover at Disney is another way fans can dabble in festive fun—which includes hair and makeup.

9. Bringing prohibited items

Disney theme parks have an extensive list of prohibited items that they don’t want to allow in. This includes illegal narcotics, alcoholic beverages, firearms, self-defense gear, flammable objects, folding chairs, selfie sticks and much more. A full list of no-go items can be found on Disney’s website.

8. Spreading ashes

Believe it or not, Disney World and Disneyland is said to be a popular spot for spreading a loved one’s ashes—but you absolutely shouldn’t do so! Guests who are caught sprinkling the remainder of grandma on Disney grounds will be escorted off property, according to a Disney spokesperson who spoke with the Wall Street Journal.

The front-view of Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion attraction, which is rumored to be a a top destination for ash spreaders. (Walt Disney World / Disney Parks Blog)

7. Public indecency

Disney property is meant to be as family-friendly as possible. For this reason, Disney has a dress code that requires guests to not wear super tight or revealing clothing. Attire or behavior that demonstrates profane gestures are also prohibited.

Happy couple wearing Disney branded merchandise. (Walt Disney World / shopDisney)

6. Cutting lines

Nobody likes a line-cutter—that includes the “house of mouse.” Not only are you not allowed to skip ahead, but you’re also not supposed to save spots for others on line. The only methods of line jumping that are allowed include Disney’s FastPass+ or Rider Switch.

“If a child does not meet the height requirement or a guest does not wish to board a particular attraction, no problem! With Rider Switch, one adult can wait with the non-rider (or riders) while the rest of the party enjoys the attraction. When the other adult returns, they can supervise the non-riding guests, and the waiting adult can board the attraction without having to wait in the regular line again!

- Disney’s Rider Switch policy for guests who are visiting the theme park with small children.

5. Feeding the animals

Whether you are visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom or see critters throughout other theme parks or resorts, you’re not allowed to feed them. Doing so disrupts their diet and encourages animals to return, which can cause a dangerous swarm.

4. Trespassing on rides, attractions or the backstage

It might be tempting to uncover the secrets of Disney, but you shouldn’t let that curiosity to lead you astray. Trespassing in any form will get you in trouble. This includes jumping out your seat mid-ride, entering bodies of water or following cast members into an employee-only backstage area.


3. Shoplifting

Stealing is frowned upon virtually everywhere and Disney is no exception. Refusing to pay for goods and services are surefire ways to end up in the rumored Disney jail, and let be real, that’s no way to spend a vacation.

2.  Selling merchandise

Any business ventures you want to pursue shouldn’t be done on Disney property. It is explicitly prohibited to exchange merchandise for cash. Exceptions are permitted for third-party vendors that receive formal permission.

Disney pin trading is encouraged, however, so long as there is an equivalent exchange.

Picture of the Disney logo on a sign on their Disney Store of Champs Elysees with Costumed staff having a break in front. The Disney Store is an international chain of specialty stores selling only Disney related items, many of them exclusive, under

1. Harassing or assaulting anyone

Disney might be considered the happiest place on earth for some, but there are others who aren’t so chipper when they visit the parks. Cast members have been subjected to harassment and assault while on the job, and it should go without saying, but that is absolutely prohibited on all Disney properties. Fighting with fellow park guests will also get you escorted off the premises or banned.