Here are the 10 hottest used cars for summer 2019

General Motors dominated the list of the most popular used cars this summer, according to a new report released on Wednesday, with the Chevrolet Corvette, Silverado and Tahoe taking the top three spots.

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Used car sales are on the rise, as auto manufacturers look to retire older models and prices for newer versions rise due to technology upgrades and other improvements.

The cost for previously-owned vehicles, however, is also increasing. Used car prices rose 5.4 percent in June, according to KAR Auction Services Inc. 

Rounding out the top ten most-searched models over the past six months is the Ford F-Series pickup and Mustang, as well as the GMC Sierra and the Ram 1500, according to Autotrader.

“All of these vehicles are hot in their own way, but one thing that won’t burn you this summer is their price,” said executive editor Brian Moody. “These used cars represent significant savings over their brand-new counterparts and offer great value while maintaining a modern feel.”

View the full list below:

1) Chevrolet Corvette (2014-2019)

2) Chevrolet Silverado (2014-2018)

3) Chevrolet Tahoe (2015-2019)

4) Ford F-Series (2015-2019)

5) Ford Mustang (2015-2019)

6) GMC Sierra (2014-2018)

7) Honda Accord (2018-2019)

8) Jeep Wrangler (2012-2017)

9) Ram 1500 (2014-2018)

10) Toyota Tacoma (2016-2019)