Fiat Chrysler recalling nearly 863K US vehicles that don't meet EPA standards

Fiat Chrysler has voluntarily agreed to recall hundreds of thousands of vehicles in the U.S. as the result of an emissions-use investigation.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said on Wednesday that the carmaker had agreed to recall 862,520 vehicles, going back to the 2011 model year, that were found to be noncompliant with some of its emissions standards.

Affected vehicle models include the Dodge Journey, the Dodge Avenger and Jeep Compass.

“EPA welcomes the action by Fiat Chrysler to voluntarily recall its vehicles that do not meet U.S. emissions standards,” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said in a statement. “We will provide assistance to consumers navigating the recall and continue to ensure that auto manufacturers abide by our nation’s laws designed to protect human health and the environment.”

Fiat Chrysler said in a statement that the EPA's notice is part of a "new policy" for announcing routine emissions recalls. There are no safety implications, nor will the carmaker face a fine.

Owners of affected vehicles will be notified by Fiat Chrysler as to when parts become available, at which time they can bring their cars in to dealerships for repairs, free of charge. The vehicles are permissible to drive in the interim.

The recall will be implemented in phases throughout the 2019 calendar year, beginning with the oldest vehicles.

Here is the schedule for each phase of the recall by model year:

2011MY - Q1 2019

2012MY - Q2 2019

2013/2014MY - Q3 2019

2015/2016MY - Q4 2019


Vehicles affected are as follows:

2011-2016 MY Dodge Journey (JC FWD)

2011-2014 MY Chrysler 200 / Dodge Avenger (JS FWD)

2011-2012 MY Dodge Caliber (PM FWD CVT)

2011-2016 MY Jeep Compass/Patriot (MK FWD CVT)