Philip Morris going totally smokeless, looks to quit nicotine, executive says

Philip Morris International, a leading tobacco company, is “absolutely 100 percent” moving away from cigarettes, an executive told FOX Business on Wednesday.

“We can un-smoke consumers--- we can un-smoke Philip Morris,” its COO Jacek Olczak told Stuart Varney.

The company instead is turning to a healthier alternative -- an electric product that heats -- but doesn’t burn tobacco called IQOS. Olczak believes that this device also has the scientific capability to one day move Philip Morris past nicotine.

“It’s beyond combustion, beyond tobacco, and beyond nicotine,” he said.

When the FOX Business host asked how long it would take to completely switch away from combustibles, Olczak replied, “I wish we will achieve it before I retire. So I still have a few years to go.”

“Now that we're gearing up where I’m located most of the resources there are a full alignment of all our employees our board staffing. We have a right wing into our sales to achieve something that, you know, 15 or so years ago would be would be just a dream,” he explained.