China aims to disrupt America’s ability to make its own medicine

A new warning -- and national security concern -- is emerging because of the United States' reliance on China for prescription drugs.

Rosemary Gibson, the author of "China Rx” told FOX Business on Friday that America has become too dependent on China for medication.

“China’s aim is to disrupt, to dominate and displace American companies and harm our ability to make our own medicines,” she said on "After the Bell."

U.S regulators have planned to tighten drug-safety regulations in order to limit the importation of contaminated medicines from developing countries.

Gibson pointed to the recall of blood pressure medication that affected millions of Americans. She said the Federal Drug Administration found that the Chinese medication had an excess amount of carcinogen-tainted ingredients.

“The worst culprit -- and this hasn’t been reported -- was a company in a China,” Gibson said. “The Chinese company had more than 200 times the acceptable limit of this carcinogen per pill.”


Gibson said the major national security risk falls on China’s ability to control U.S. prescription drug prices.

“We are losing control over the supply of our medicines, and that’s not an exaggeration,” she said. “And when we lose control, we lose control over price.”