World Series champ Keith Hernandez 'barely' gets away with being a Trump fan in New York

New York Mets World Series champion Keith Hernandez was put on the spot during an appearance on FOX Business on Wednesday when asked about President Trump.

When FOX Business' Stuart Varney asked, “do you like Trump?,” the five-time all-star and former National League MVP said: “yes.”

“And you’re open and honest about it? And you’re in New York? How did you get away with that?” asked Stuart Varney.

“Barely,” he replied.

The Mets legend said he likes Trump because he has “helped everybody” in the U.S. economy.

“I think the people have gone to work of all different races and creeds and colors – unemployment is down everywhere,” he said.


In 2016, Trump ended the year with a New Year’s Eve bash. Hernandez was reportedly among those in attendance.

When Varney asked about having his picture taken on the red carpet, he replied: “Yes they did, I was VIP.”

“And there was hell to pay?” asked Varney.

“Well the Twitter world, you know, it’s very north and south – polar—that would be the right word. But you know what? I have my life to live – it’s a free country. I can believe what I want and I respect what anybody else feels and I just don’t get involved in conversation.”

Hernandez also serves as a game analyst for Mets telecasts on SNY.

In Varney's opinion, not only was Hernandez a great player, but he also speaks his mind.

"That's why I call you the Donald Trump of baseball -- do you object?" said Varney.

"I think I'm the Stuart Varney of business," Hernandez joked.