'Bar Rescue' host Jon Taffer to launch hard-seltzer brand during White Claw shortage

As hard-seltzer sales have skyrocketed this summer, which has led to a shortage of the popular White Claw brand, others are trying to jump into the market by launching their own lines as consumers turn their backs on beer.

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One of the newest brands to enter  the market is  a line owned by Jon Taffer, who stars in the reality TV show "Bar Rescue."

"After 185 bar rescues, I have to create new flavors every week," Taffer told Fox Business’ Stuart Varney on "Varney and Co." "So I said let's put them in a seltzer."

Hard-seltzer sales reached a record $1 billion through the past year, which is about a 200 percent increase in sales. Smaller craft companies and larger traditional beer brewers have all launched hard-seltzer brands.

Anheuser-Busch InBev NV, the brewers of beers like Budweiser, has also jumped into the market with a Natural Light Seltzer, which is priced about 20 percent lower than most brands. The company is targeting college-age drinkers who already buy cheaper beers like "Natty Light."

Brothers Vikram Nayar and Vivek Nayar talked about the launch of their hard seltzer brand, Two Robbers, on "Mornings with Maria" in August.

"This category is going to be huge," Vikram Nayar said. "It's going to take a huge market share away from beer."

According to the National Brewer Association, beer sales decreased slightly in 2018. Reportedly, millennials are transitioning their alcohol consumption to a lighter, healthier, lower-calorie beverage. White Claw comprised over half of all hard-seltzer sales in July, according to recent Nielsen data.

"The drink is 5 percent alcohol [and is] low in sugar [and] low in carbs.”

- Jon Taffer

While White Claw scrambles to inject more hard seltzer into the market place, Taffer is excited to serve his own take on the increasingly popular product.

Taffer has been developing and marketing his beverage brand for about a year he said. The time was needed to develop recipes, develop packaging and find a distributor.


"There are a number of barriers one has to knock down to get into the market place," Taffer said.

The drinks will be available for purchase in Walmart stores starting in October.