Tim Hortons to sell plant-based eggs in Canadian stores

Fast food restaurant Tim Hortons is continuing its foray into plant-based products.

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The coffee chain will be selling JUST Egg products in select locations in Canada, a spokesperson told FOX Business in a statement.

“The consumer demand for 100 percent plant-based proteins is strong and continues to grow,” JUST spokesperson Andrew Noyes said. “Canada is one of the most requested markets for JUST and we’re excited to be able to offer our product at select Tim Hortons locations for this market test.”

This is an expansion for the Canada-based chain, which began testing plant-based meat on three of its breakfast sandwiches in May.

“We are always listening to our guests and testing a wide variety of potential products in select restaurants across the country,” a Tim Hortons spokesperson said in a statement to FOX Business. “As you know, we recently introduced our Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches and Beyond Burger. As we continue to test and get feedback, we will consider expanding plant-based options into other menu items.”

JUST Egg uses mung beans and turmeric to make its vegan, plant-based egg product, according to its website.

Tim Hortons will be selling JUST Egg products in select locations in Canada, a spokesperson told FOX Business in a statement. (JUST)

In May, Tm Hortons said it would be testing Beyond Meat’s breakfast sausage on the Beyond Meat Vegan Sandwich, Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich and the Beyond Meat Farmers Breakfast Wrap. The sandwiches will be tested at a few locations in Canada to start.

If the new menu items prove to be successful, the company said it would plan on rolling out the items across Canada by the end of the year.

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Beyond Meat describes itself as “plant-based burgers, sausages, crumbles and more made directly from simple plant-based ingredients,” according to its website.


"Canadians are looking to incorporate plant-based options into their diets and we're thrilled to partner with Beyond Meat to test three Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwiches - including an entirely vegan offering if the market test confirms the potential we see for the platform," Alex Macedo, president of Tim Hortons, said in a statement.

FOX Business’ Kathleen Joyce contributed to this report.