Tesla to bring Netflix, YouTube streaming to its cars

Elon Musk revealed that Tesla drivers will “soon” be able to catch up on their favorite Netflix shows and watch YouTube videos.

Musk, the billionaire who also leads SpaceX, took to Twitter over the weekend and announced that Tesla will eventually add video streaming on their in-car display.

“Ability to stream YouTube & Netflix when car is stopped coming to your Tesla soon! Has an amazingly immersive, cinematic feel due to the comfy seats & surround sound audio,” he said on Saturday.

The feature will only be available while the vehicle is at a stop as drivers are charging or waiting for a passenger.

Musk added Tesla owners could use the streaming feature in the car’s center screen when the vehicle is in motion once federal regulators approve fully autonomous driving.

“When full self-driving is approved by regulators, we will enable video while moving,” he said in the following tweet.